Monday, August 13, 2007

Setting Up Linux On A Everex Stepnote XT5000T

I tried 2 different distros. Both installed without any real difficulty at all. The 1st
distro was Ubuntu version 7.04 Feisty Fawn, x86 version 32bit. The 2nd was
Open SuSE 10.2 x86 version 32bit. I simply installed the iso's after burning them
to DVD's and let the fun begin.Installation was very straightforward and easy, so easy a caveman could do it.... sorry could not resist that. Only after the install completed I had no sound on both distros. That was easliy fixed though with in 5 minutes I had complete sound.I use this notebook for games, a lot and have had no problem playing all my favorites under Cedega 6.02. I used to use Windows and have been a Linux
enthusiast since the early 90's. I started using Linux when I picked up a book at
a Barnes and Noble book store and there in it contained free CD's to Red Hat Linux,
and Slackware Linux. I tried them both and stuck with Red Hat for a while. It was not too long after that I was able to ditch Windows for good. Sorry, Bill.
Oh, so anyways, this is what I did to set up the sound under both distros;
Open SusE 10.2 and Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn.

Get the latest sound drivers,libs,utilities,firmware from ALSA.


run ./configure for all files after
extracting them to their

then run make
then run make install

Added this to sound file at /etc/modprobe.d/sound
for SuSE

for Ubuntu

alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel
alias sound-slot-0 snd-hda-intel
#options snd-hda-intel position_fix=1 model=3stack
options snd-hda-intel model=3stack-dig


had sound.... yipeeeee!!!!!!!!


brian said...

I have the same laptop, and I put RedHat EL5 on it. I also got sound working using model=3stack-dig.

But the alsamixer has no master volume. The PC-SPEAKER slider does nothing. The Surround slider controls the headphones. The volume in GMPLAYER does act as a master volume control, but it would be nice to be able to do it via the mixer, for other apps.

Have you been able to get the front volume wheel on the laptop to work in linux?

What about the 4 buttons above the keyboard - have you mapped them in linux?
Any more info?

Gerald Williams said...

Hey so I know this was last year, but I have the same laptop as you did and I'm having issues with the DVD/RW drive. It reads CDs fine but with any commercial DVD I have it spins for like ten minutes then says that I've entered a blank DVD. Did you have this issue at all?

Gerald Williams said...

Sorry, if you could email me at I'd appreciate it.